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Time interval between Herbs and Drugs
The concurrent use of modern Drugs with TCM herbs should follow the prescription of medical doctors.  Generally speaking, the two kinds of medication should be avoid to use at the same time.   Seperation at leat one hour is often suggested.

In special condition, drug-herb interaction still occurs if both are used on the same day.  For example, Danshen (丹參) may cause Warfarin to show over effect of anti-coagulation. Ginseng (人參) may cause hypoglycemic agent to reduce blood sugar to too low level.  Certain combination of Drugs and Herbs should be avoid.  If  concurrent use of both kind of medication is necessary for some reason,  the dosage adjustment is very important.

If you have further question about "drug-herb interaction," please ask your physician or pharmacist.  They will provide more information for you.